About the project
Human resources of the tourist sector
Project ID number: 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038802
Educators who conduct training or workshops, in addition to extensive knowledge in their profession, should also have competences in the field of techniques and tools for running training groups.

Without additional competences, classes are ineffective, unattractive and often useless. The ability to transfer your knowledge is particularly important during practical training.

This is also the case with expert knowledge in gastronomy – no chef, bartender or waiter will learn a profession solely based on theory. Practice is also necessary, also under the supervision of professional masters / gastronomy trainers.

he HORECA trainers are the target group of the project – raising and adapting their qualifications to market needs, developing creative and entrepreneurial attitudes in society and awareness of lifelong learning are of particular importance for vocational education in the HORECA industry.

The main objective of the project is to develop a standard for the description of vocational trainer qualifications / VET (in accordance with research results) in the HORECA industry in line with the EQF.  Another objective of the project is the development of a comprehensive training program for trainers in order to increase the number of qualified professional trainers in the catering industry.

Based on the experience of partner organisations, we want to build a standard of competence of the HORECA trainer together with ready-made educational materials. They will serve as a coaching package tool for everyone who wants to improve their competences in the area of conducting training for HORECA.

The project is implemented in three stages:
  • Research on current, missing and expected competences among trainers and educators in the HORECA industry
  • Development of standards of competence of the VET trainer in the HORECA industry together with the preparation of an education platform
  • Validation – testing of developed solutions

The increased level of competence of trainers who train in the HORECA industry will have an impact on the functioning and development of the entire industry in the international environment.

With appropriate preparation and qualifications trainers will conduct training more effectively and transfer knowledge to employees or future employees of the tourism industry.

The staff will be better prepared – it will improve the functioning of enterprises – hotels, restaurants and will contribute to the development of the industry.

Your career Path
You do not need to think about what courses will be optimal for your development. Take advantage of well-thought-out paths that will allow you to acquire a skill set appropriate for your field step-by-step.
After graduation, you will receive a certificate from us that certifies acquired skills and participation in tests.
Materials from experts
Our materials contain instructional videos prepared by experts in a given field. Every action shown in the movie is explained in detail. Each of them you can easily repeat yourself and quickly gain the necessary skills.
Project co-financed under the Erasmus + European Union program. The materials on the platform reflect only the position of its authors. The European Commission and the National Agency of the Erasmus + Program are not responsible for its substantive content.